What is A2A2 Milk?

written by

Rachael Conley

posted on

July 18, 2023

Have you ever tried raw (unpasteurized) milk? If you've experienced discomfort or digestive issues when consuming conventional milk, you might find my story intriguing.

For years, I believed I was lactose intolerant and struggled with unpredictable reactions to store-bought dairy products. I would cautiously consume lactose-free options or take lactase pills, but even then, there were no guarantees. It felt like a gamble every time.

Joe recommended I try raw A2A2 milk as he had read some interesting data. Initially skeptical, I finally mustered the courage to try it, expecting the same discomfort I had experienced with conventional milk. To my surprise, I didn't get sick. Intrigued, I continued to drink raw A2A2 milk without any adverse effects.

Lactose intolerance is the reaction to the body's inability to break down the lactose in milk. Lactose is a sugar that requires the lactase enzyme that breaks down the particle. Most people who are lactose intolerant stop producing this enzyme after they are weaned off breast milk as a baby. The only way to be certain that you suffer from lactose intolerance is by a doctor testing for it. I never went to the doctor for this test. If you truly suffer from lactose intolerance, you will still experience problems when drinking A2A2 milk because the lactose sugar is still present. 

What I was experiencing was a protein intolerance. This is a more common cause of digestive discomfort when drinking most milk. If you think you suffer from lactose intolerance, but have not seen a doctor to confirm, you could be suffering from the same thing as me- protein intolerance. 

Most commonly, this intolerance is directed at the A1 protein that is present in most milk (and almost all store bought milk). Our A2A2 milk does not contain the A1 protein, but two versions of the A2A2 protein. 

There are two types of beta-casein protein in milk: A1 and A2.  A1 milk has a genetic mutation at the 67th position of the amino acid chain. This mutation causes the milk to release two harmful components that act as toxins in our bodies.  

Those two harmful components are:
1) BCM-7 (beta-casomorphin-7) which is an opioid receptor agonist stimulating addictive properties in the consumer. BCM-7 has negative health effects and may be linked to type 1 diabetes, heart disease, autism, childhood obesity, weakened immune system, digestive problems, and more.

2) Histamine (neurotransmitter). When histidine breaks down, it releases histamines. These histamines produce hypersensitivity in the body as it acts as an allergic agent. This can show up as skin allergies (psoriasis, eczema), or respiratory issues (reoccurring cough, cold, bronchitis, asthma).  

To say this was all a shock would be an understatement! After witnessing first hand the impact A2 milk had on me, Joe didn't have to convince me to welcome A2A2 dairy cows to the farm. 

If you are interested in purchasing our raw A2A2 milk, please click here. 

Until next time, stay healthy and happy.


Rachael Conley of Honeysuckle Farm

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