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What is A2A2 Milk?

When you drink milk, do you suffer from: discomfort or digestive issues, cough, cold symptoms, or skin issues? You may not be "allergic" or "intolerant" to milk! You may just need A2A2 milk!

A Peek into mRNA Vaccines

We have been getting asked quite a bit lately, "Do you use mRNA vaccines on your animals?" It is a quick and easy answer for our farm- NO! We do not administer ANY vaccines. While we do not vaccine our animals, Joe and I still found it important that we research everything going on with the mRNA technologies. Afterall, you trust us to be your farmers and we want to stay educated on the ag industry.

Bulk Pork Cut Sheet Guide

Buying premium pastured pork in bulk brings you peace of mind knowing you have healthy and easy meal options at your fingertips. This post will help guide you through creating your custom cut sheet so you can choose the right cuts to feed your family stress free.