Bulk Pork Cut Sheet Guide

written by

Rachael Conley

posted on

July 13, 2023

Honeysuckle Farm

Hog Cutting Instructions Guide

Please use these pages to help guide you with selecting your custom cuts for your ½ or whole hog. 

What do I do?
Filling out a cut sheet doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Think of this as your way to bring home exactly what your family enjoys eating. If you are wondering what we do at the farm, I have included some information on our cuts that we do at the farm. 

How does this work? 

I have included a breakdown of a hog above. The picture shows the different areas of the hog that you select cuts from. I have also included a general idea of what to expect for the weights with each of these areas for a half hog. Remember, each hog is different so this will differ between all hogs. 

What if I want something special?
If you have a special desire for your cuts (maybe you want the full pork belly to make your own bacon), you can request that through the butcher. If you do not want hams, that is fine and it can go towards the ground meat or trim.  There is no right or wrong way to cut and package your hog. However, you cannot turn the entire hog into bacon🙂. 

What is trim?
Trim is all of the excess meat that will go towards the ground meat. You can select 2 ground choices (i.e ground pork, sausage, bratwurst, polish, etc.) per half hog. So a whole hog you will get 4 different choices on how to use your ground pork. 

Note: We choose all natural curing and organic seasonings/spices for our farm. 

Guide for Half Hog Order:


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