Whole Pastured Turkey (12.4-12.9 lbs.)

Whole Pastured Turkey (12.4-12.9 lbs.)

One whole turkey *FROZEN*

We have turkeys ranging in weight from about 5-15lbs; please verify the weight range in the title above to ensure you get your desired size!

These whole turkeys will be sold frozen and by the pound. First ordered, first served! 

We have a limited number of unsold Thanksgiving turkeys. These were processed on November 21, 2022.

Honeysuckle Farm turkeys are raised on pasture where they have access to green forage and any insects they can find. Turkeys are aggressive foragers, consuming large quantities of leafy green plants and grasses. They are supplemented with a non-GMO balanced ration supplement for possible nutrient deficiencies that may be lacking from the pasture.