Dairy - Raw Cow's Milk

Dairy - Raw Cow's Milk

*READ PRODUCT INFO BEFORE ORDERING!* - 1/2 gallon in a glass jar - Limit 2


If the green button below read:

  • "ADD TO CART": Milk ordering is open.
  • "SOLD OUT": Milk ordering is closed.

Current limit: 2


In an effort to serve as many customers as possible, we limit the number of jars available to order. This limit may be adjusted periodically as supply and demand dictate. The current limit is shown above the green button.

It is possible that milk for your order may be available at the time your order is placed, or it may be approximately several days to a week. 

While we would love to keep milk ordering open continuously, we may close ordering if we get to the point where we feel we are about a week behind. When we catch up, ordering will be reopened.

This all depends on the supply (how much the cows produce) and the demand (the number of orders). Supply is lowest in the winter months, and highest in late spring and summer. Very warm and cold temperatures both affect production.

If milk ordering is closed, we suggest checking back daily. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict the production. 

Due to the high volume of emails we receive inquiring about milk availability, any such emails will refer back to this information.


Milk must be ordered through our website ordering process.

We do not offer a herd share or regularly scheduled pickups.

Milk orders that also have other items on the order will be given priority.

When the green button shows "Add to Cart", milk may be ordered. Again, it may take several days to a week for milk orders to be filled. 

When you receive the "Your Order is Packed" email, your complete order is ready. Milk orders must be picked up within 5 days after receiving the first "Your Order is Packed" email notification. We will send a notification everyday for five days. The order will be cancelled if not picked up within the 5 days.


FARM PICKUP ONLY! Per Illinois law, raw milk must be sold at the farm where it is produced. 

ALL NEW CUSTOMERS MUST SCHEDULE A "MEET THE FARMER ORDER PICKUP". Returning customers may schedule a "Self-Service Order Pickup". Use the links in the "Your Order is Packed" email notification to schedule your pickup.


All milk will be sold in Ball half-gallon glass jars will white plastic lids. For each jar of milk ordered, you must either return a clean jar & lid, or purchase the jar & lid for $4. 

Please communicate the number of jars you plan to exchange at pickup in the checkout comment box. The $4/jar charge will be applied to all orders without this communication and may delay fulfillment of the order.

Refund of jar deposits will be in the form of online store credit. The credit will be added to your account after the jars are returned in usable condition, no cracks or breaks. Store credits are automatically applied to your next order.

General Description:

Looking for raw "pet" milk? Our registered Guernsey cows are A2-A2 tested. They spend 100% of their time on pasture. We have a few cows that are 100% grass-fed, with no grain. We also have a few cows that receive a small amount (less than 5 lbs. per day at milking only) of a dairy ration that contains grain. Grain is only given to maintain proper body condition of the cows.

Honeysuckle Farm operates a ”micro-dairy”, generally milking anywhere from 1-3 cows at any given time. Occasionally, cows may be dried off prior to calving and between lactation cycles, affecting the supply of milk.

As our farm grows, we hope to add additional cows to increase milk availability. 

If you are wondering about the benefits of raw milk, we highly suggest reading more at realmilk.com.

WARNING FROM Illinois Dept. Public Health: Raw milk has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, persons with weakened immune systems, and women who are pregnant.