Bacon Ends - Smoked and Cured

Bacon Ends - Smoked and Cured

~1 lb. pkg.

Bacon ends are the pieces that are remaining from bacon once it is precisely cut to fit in the package. Since they come from the same area on the pig, they share the same powerful taste.

This cut is typically taken from the belly or back of the pig. The fattiness of it depends on this factor. These flavorful, fatty chunks are chewy and savory in all the best ways. 

Bacon ends are great by themselves. Or try them as a base for any bean, lentils, some stews, broth-type soups, or gravy for biscuits and gravy.

Our pigs were born and raised on our farm in Morris, Illinois. They are fed a diet of locally grown non-GMO feed and free-range pasture forage. Our smoked products contain no chemical nitrates or nitrites.



Honeysuckle Farm Non-GMO Pastured Pork, Water, Untreated Salt, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Clove