Italian Sausage Patties

Italian Sausage Patties

1 lb., 3 Patties/pkg.

The delicious taste of Italian sausage, but in burger form!  So much flavor in one burger, you don't need any condiments to wow your taste buds!     If you want to take this burger up a notch, top it with provolone cheese, sautéed garlic, peppers and onions.  

Our pigs were born and raised on our farm in Morris, Illinois. They are fed a diet of locally grown non-GMO feed and free-range pasture forage.

Seasoned with certified organic spices.


*No vaccines

*No antibiotics

*No added hormones


*Processed at a certified organic facility



Honeysuckle Farm Non-GMO Pastured Pork, Untreated Salt, Organic Fennel, Organic Paprika, Organic Red Pepper, Organic Nutmeg, Collagen Casings