Custom-Processed HALF-Hog Reservation Deposit

Custom-Processed HALF-Hog Reservation Deposit

$100 DEPOSIT ($4.25/lb Hanging weight)

Next processing date: May 29, 2024

Please read the entire description before placing an order. (last updated: 5/5/2024).

This is a $100 deposit for the reservation of a cut-to-order half-hog. Deposits are non-refundable.

The current price is $4.25/lb. hanging weight.

An estimated average cost of a half-hog is $405 and will yield approximately 75 lbs. of packaged freezer pork. Butchering fees are paid separately, directly to the butcher.

We deliver the hog to the butcher on the scheduled date. The deposit must be paid prior to the delivery date. The remaining balance is due within 24 hours of delivery.

After the balance is paid, we will connect you with the processor within a few days to discuss the custom-cutting options. They will walk you through all the options and answer all your processing-related questions.

Hogs are custom processed based on the purchaser’s personal preference. Total processing costs depend upon the options selected, which may include smoking/curing, various sausage seasonings, linking or patty-forming, white butcher paper or vacuum-seal packaging, etc. Because of this variability, the buyer pays the processor directly, separate from the farm. An average cost to the processor may be in the $125 range per half.

It typically takes about a week for the butcher to process the fresh cuts and about 4 weeks for the smoked and cured items to be completed. Most people wait for the entire processing to be complete before pickup, to avoid extra trips.

The buyer is responsible for picking up the finished product at the processor and paying all butchering fees.

We use Bittner's Eureka Locker in Eureka, Illinois for our processing. They are a certified organic butcher. They offer MSG-free seasonings and no added nitrate curing.

The processor will notify you once your order is completed and ready for pick up at the processor. All meat will be packaged and frozen.

As an example, a typical half-hog will produce the following: 


Custom hog orders will be on a first-deposit-paid, first-reserved basis.

Our pigs were born and raised on our farm in Morris, Illinois. They are fed a diet of locally milled non-GMO feed and free-range pasture forage. 

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